Investment Strategy

Flying Point Asset Management’s investment strategy is adopted from the proven strategies and results of two of the most successful investment practitioners over the last century—Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. The objective is to consistently produce rates of return above market averages and above most other money managers while taking less risk over the long term. Like Graham and Buffett, we believe true wealth is created through investing in top-quality companies for the long term. The stock market fluctuates widely in the short term, but in the long term shows consistent gains that match and usually exceed the inflation rate. Selecting high quality, dividend-paying stocks and holding them through up and down market cycles has proven historically to yield the best results.

To supplement this buy and hold strategy, Flying Point Asset Management employs a Covered Call Writing strategy where the firm attempts to generate extra income by writing (selling) call options on an owned stock. Covered Call Writing is the most basic and most widely used options strategy, combining the flexibility of options with stock ownership.

Flying Point Asset Management offers Growth, Conservative Growth, Income and Retirement Portfolios.